Elite Developmental Information

As an athlete, your time and energy are extremely valuable resources and we want to help you make the most of them. We've been there; your passion for sport, your desire to excel and your drive to achieve are incredibly powerful factors that can take you to the highest levels of success in all aspects of your life...if you have the right tools at your disposal.

In our experience, young and developing athletes do not fail to excel because they lack the willpower or drive to succeed; often their inability to progress and take their athletic careers stem from the lack of key knowledge, support and opportunities. We want to help you increase your chances for success in sport, in school, at home and in all the goals you want to set in life. 

That is what A Day of Champions high school athlete conferences are all about; taking the "best practices", the knowledge, principles, techniques and passions that we have learned and experienced as elite Olympic/Paralympic/professional athletes, coaches and sport specialists and passing them on to you, the competitors, coaches and parents. In this way, you will be gaining a winning-advantage over your competitors because as you listen to what our speakers share, you'll learn how to hone your mental, emotional, and physical skills to a finer degree. When that happens, you'll be able to play with greater acuity and bottom line, you will find yourself taking to the field or snow or ice with resolute confidence.   

This information goes beyond sport-specific skills. What you will hear at this conference will allow for practical, long-term development through integrative training, complete nutrition, mental and emotional growth, character definition, leadership and teamwork skills, and much more.